Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get Involved Outside of the Classroom

You are exhausted. It’s the end of the year. You are behind on grading. Supply orders are due for next year. The list goes on and on...

Then the ASB leadership kids pop into your classroom and ask: WIll you be in the lip sync for spirit week?

Your first thought is, how can I possibly fit one more thing into my schedule? I simply can’t do it...I have no more gas left in tank. On empty...puttering...puttering...

“I wouldn’t miss it. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away,” you smile cautiously.

“Yes!” the ASB kids high five and jump around as if they won the California Powerball and race out of the room to gather more willing victims.

Time. There is no time in our profession. How is it possible to be behind on the first day of school? Ask a teacher. The nature of our profession is one of giving and time is a commodity we don’t have. However, will the kids remember a clean desk or you shaking your groove thing in the gym to some bad 80’s hip hop? Chances are it will be the latter.

Getting involved on your campus does many, many things for your street cred. One, it connects you with other colleagues outside of the classroom - also, in short supply. Even one lip sync rehearsal together sharing some laughs will create a some bonds between you that did not exist before, making that next faculty meeting grouping more comfortable and fun.

Secondly, the kids see you in a different light: It humanizes you. They will appreciate your rhythm or lack thereof. They will laugh and smile and the next day in class you have an opener that isn’t academic...something to talk about that is positive and a shared experience.

Thirdly, it increases school spirit exponentially. The staff sets a tone for a campus. If you dress up for every spirit day, your kids will be more likely to. Even if they don’t, they will start to look forward to coming to class just to see what you are wearing. My colleague (and cousin) in our math department has become FAMOUS for his costumes. They have ranged from a member of the group Wham! to dressing like a retiring teacher in his department (down to the bald cap!), the kids now come by his room every spirit day, whether they have him or not just to see the get up.

Lastly, it’s just fun. F.U.N. Super duper crazy fun. Those three little letters that sometimes we forget about. School is supposed to be fun. I know we are preparing them for the real world, but guess what? We aren’t there yet! They are kids and they are supposed to have some fun, dammit!

SO put on that tutu, dance it out to some Salt n Pepa, and GET INVOLVED. You only live once...shouldn’t you incorporate some silly?

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