Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good Teacher vs. Bad Teacher

Good Teacher vs. Bad Teacher:  Man, are these two titles slung around or what?  Especially...the latter.

But, what are the ingredients that make up both? Are they consistent? Are they definable?  Or are they a matter of personal taste?  What are the elements that are found in a good teacher versus a bad one?  Is it black and white or a big mush of valley-fog gray?

In Doug Lemov’s book, Teach Like a Champion, he states that it is “better to have a good teacher in a bad school than a bad teacher in a good school.”  Is this true?  Can one little human make the difference in a kid’s life?  Fortunately, for us...they can.  

Before I write anymore, I decided to go directly to the source:  62 teenagers from the Central Valley answered these questions:  What makes a teacher good?  and What makes a teacher bad? Here is what they said (direct quotes in an anonymous survey).

Good Teacher:
-greets us at the door
-interacts with students
-understands what they are teaching
-don’t give up on us
-don’t lecture all the time
-happy and caring
-involves everyone in class
-understands their students
-no homework
-connects with students
-tells kids they will succeed
-not boring
-no talking the whole period
-loves us
-talks to us
-gets to know us
-gives us time to work together
-guides us
-asks us how we are doing
-tells us what we are doing right and wrong
-answers questions we have
-understands that we don’t understand it the first time we hear it
-excited with what they are doing
-no packets
-adjusts to different ways kids learn
-lets students collaborate
-lets us debate

Bad Teachers:
-yell at us
-have monotone voices
-talk too much
-give us all book work
-play movies constantly
-don’t know your name
-don’t know what period you are in
-show favoritism
-don’t talk to you
-are rude if you ask a question
-give work without teaching you first
-allow kids to speak to them disrespectfully
-use book too much
-don’t teach
-is never there
-expect us to pick up something quickly that we have never learned
-are lazy
-don’t care about us
-make us memorize but not think
-give you dirty looks
-stay on their phone
-give us packets
-sit down and tell us what to do
-are on their computer the whole class
-make inappropriate comments
-eat in class
-yell too much
-throw chairs
-too strict
-throw markers
-ignore us
-can’t manage their class

There it is...out of the mouths of babes.  The End.

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