Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Snowball Fight: Liven up Learning

Snowing in spring...why not?  This community builder doubles as a cool (pun intended) review session or skills practice lesson for any subject. In the clips below, you can see how a lesson on prefixes and suffixes in my freshman English class immediately takes on new life with the introduction of this game.
Video clips of some actual classroom “snowball fights”:
  • Each student writes his or her name on a piece of scratch paper and then crushes it into a ball.  
  • Count 1-2-3 and yell, “Snowball fight” and have the kids throw their snowballs across the room.  
  • Kids pick up the nearest snowball and find that person.  
  • They have to find out one piece of information they didn’t know about that person.  
  • You can continue the snowball fight for as long as you would like.  
  • To end the game, I like to bring my three garbage cans to the center of the room and close out with a game of “trashketball.”  You can even have a competition between two sides of the room to see how many can make a basket!  They love this.
  • This game also easily lends itself to curriculum games in any subject.  Defining vocabulary, discussion questions, equations for the board or anything else that needs to be discussed, studied, or talked about.
So start saving all of that scratch paper and get ready for the blizzard of knowledge!

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