Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Motivational Activity: Wonder Word & Vision Board

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Part 1 Wonder Word: At the start of each semester, every student will pick ONE WORD that will drive their actions for the next few months.  The word should be something that they struggle with, something that needs their attention, that needs work.
  • First, have students come up with a list of 3-5 bad habits they have.  These should be things they need to work on.  Examples to inspire:
    • Procrastinates
    • Angry
    • Lazy
    • Loud
    • Mean
    • Jealous
    • Doubt
    • Discouraged
Next, have the students write down an OPPOSITE word next to each NEGATIVE word: a word that could attack that bad habit.  Examples:
    • Procrastinates:  ACTION
    • Angry:  PEACE
    • Lazy:  ENERGY
    • Loud:  STILL
    • Mean:  KINDNESS
    • Jealous:  ACCEPTANCE
    • Doubt:  POWER
    • Discouraged:  OPTIMISTIC
  • Now, have students pick ONE Wonder word they want to use to guide their year.
  • Write it down on a 4 x 6 notecard (LARGE and IN DARK MARKER)
  • Write student name in the bottom right hand corner
Part II Vision Board:
Once they have their  Wonder Word, the Vision Board bring it to life.  They may create one organically with paper (below) or search apps for “Vision Board” to create one electronically on their Smartphone or tablet.
Paper poster:
  • Take a large piece of construction paper
  • Have students glue the index card with their Wonder Word in the middle of the paper
  • Image hunt:  Students now look for images (in magazines, the internet, or by drawing) that represent their word.  
    • For example, if their Wonder Word is “action,” they might cut out pictures of athletes, or people writing, working, planning, or cleaning.  If their word is “kindness,” they might find pictures of volunteer work, or people smiling and listening to their friends,

  • Glue those images onto the Vision Board
  • Students share their Vision Board in small groups or whole class
  • Post on wall in room
  • Revisit Wonder Word and Vision Board often (daily, weekly, monthly).  Circle up and talk about the struggles kids are having with their word or the strength they have gained from their word,

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